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David Kern has over 35+ years of Senior level business related experience in financial consulting, product design, corporate training, sales and marketing management.

No matter the industry … be it life insurance and financial services, risk management and estate planning or other responsibilities within Corporate America, Dave’s commitment is customer focused … to do the right thing … for superior customer results … at all times.

Dave is insistent that all facts, (the good, the bad, and the ugly) must be provided when educating clients; “It’s the only way people can make better, informed decisions. In today’s volatile financial world, another stock market crash like 2002 and/or 2008 could happen any moment … and with high taxes only getting worse due to our country’s $16 Billion in debt … people need the truth about modern, secure alternatives to grow, protect and preserve their family’s wealth."

To that end … Dave provides an actuarial perspective and an actuarial spreadsheet so clients understand where their money is going and what it is actually providing. Although that seems basic, most Americans are totally unaware of all financial and expense performances, rates of return, risks that were never discussed or addressed and the financial implications that allow families to grow “Tax Free” wealth without losing it to taxes, stock market crashes and poor planning.

America is blanketed with terribly outdated life insurance products … uneducated, pushy sales agents … and insurance companies that keep people from trading in their obsolete product for a new improved version … "you owe it to your family to learn the truth for greater family wealth and safety. Just because someone took advantage of you by selling you an inferior product … or one that is no longer appropriate for your needs … it’s easily remedied and outcomes can improve immediately.”

Dave’s passion to help people continues through his lecturing and consulting on “what people should know" that could affect their family’s wealth for generations to come.”

Mr. Kern holds a Bachelors of Science - Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts - Isenberg School of Management - Amherst, Massachusetts where he honored in Marketing. He is and has been active in a variety of civic minded organizations and was formally a Board of Director for Biometrics 2000.

David Kern