Tax Free Family Wealth
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Family Wealth Grows & Is GUARANTEED To Last Longer Using IRS "Tax Free" Laws
Our Vision

To use IRS "Tax Free" laws to upgrade overpriced Term and Whole Life policies with financially superior INDEX life versions.

Customer Endorsements

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Within a few minutes I was able to structure a tax free plan that will mean $100,000s to my family for the same cost I'm spending now. I'd recommend this free service to everyone."
Dick C., Falmouth, MA

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Kerri K., Mendon, MA

LEARN About a Far Superior Way to Protect Your Family's Financial Future.

Please STOP Wasting Your Family's Resources on Obsolete and Expensive Life Policies.
For the same expense (and possibly less), your family can enjoy:

  • Peace of mind guarantee that you can't lose a penny of your money
  • Higher Rates of Return (averaging 7%-8% vs. 1.5%-4% for the past 25 years)
  • No Cost Loans vs. loans costing 3%-5% to borrow your money
  • No taxes ever again vs. 100% taxation on all 401(k) & IRA accounts
  • Full disclosure of every expense vs. no disclosure of what you're paying for & receiving
  • Lower mortality rates saving up to 30%-50%
  • Flexibility to alter policies  vs. 100% locked-in contracts favoring insurance company
  • No additional cost-per-$1000 fees vs. costly charges if you lower the Life Insurance policy's face amount


FREE unbiased actuarial spreadsheet of your current policy to provide the essential details that every policy holder should know

FREE analysis of your current life insurance contract's designs allowing you to make informed decisions about your family's financial future and protection

FREE education to understand how IRS guidelines are designed to work with modern INDEX life insurance policies for death protection and the ability of individuals of all economic levels to enjoy Tax Free retirement and college funding

Congress created & personally uses IRS "Tax
Free" laws where their wealth will grow within
high cash value INDEX life insurance gaining $100s of thousands and more in family wealth.

All Americans can easily replace outdated
policies for superior INDEX contracts to gain
death protection in addition to ..
  • Tax Free Wealth Accumulation
  • Guaranteed No Loss of Money
  • Contractual No Cost Loans & Liquidity
  • Lowest Fees in the Industry Today